Monday, 12 March 2012

Hope Falls - Mountain top Mutant Shanty town

Well my mutant shanty town is finally finished this is probably the biggest terrain piece I've ever built the whole thing just took on a life of it's own and I just kept adding stuff until my original idea of a big hill with a couple of shacks on it got left far behind.

Anyway I've named this little town Hope Falls (after the waterfall). In my imaginary PA world Hope Falls is nestled on the east side of the Rockies north of (New) Denver. Before the apocalypse the mountain, and its caves and waterfall, was a popular destination with teenagers, courting couples and tourists. When the end of days came a number of locals took to the caves for shelter and became the decedents of today's population of mutants.

Below are a load of pictures of Hope Falls with a few captions by way of explanation. First off a few general pictures of the whole town

Main Entrance
There is only one easy way into town and that is over an old foot bridge above a mountain river whose source is some where below the mountain. Once over the bridge there are the town gates before entering the town proper.

Tall peak

The town is built around two peaks. Tall peak (the taller of the two) has a watch tower ( with alarm bell) built onto it along with a couple of housing shacks and a couple of watch/fighting platforms overlooking the main route up to the town gates. Tall peak is connected to fall peak by a foot bridge high above the town

Fall peak
Fall peak is the second peak which has a pool and waterfall fed from an underground spring. Fall peak is also home to the towns wind generator which provides limited electricity. and a couple more housing shacks. One of the housing shacks also doubles as a bunker/fighting platform complete with a spring powered spear gun to help defend the town.

Junk Row

Below Fall peak is junk row a set of housing shacks. The area lives up to it's name as the residents generally throw their rubbish down the mountain below their shacks.

The Chop'ouse

Cannibalism is a way of life for the mutants of Hope Falls and the chop'ouse doubles up as both a prison and food preparation area. Captives and food being pretty much the same thing to the mutants.

Boss Jagi's home

Boss Jagi leader of Hope Falls has laid claim to the large cave under falls peak which acts as his home/throne room and town meeting hall.

The Church

Below tall peak is another cave that acts as the community church. Lead by the preacher the mutants carry on strange relegoius practices based on a a damaged bible and old half forgotten myths and legends. the curch is also home to a non human mutant.......

So there it is Hope Falls hope you like it. I think at some stage I may make some free standing shacks to place around the bottom of the mountain. I also want to make some matching river sections as the mountain stream at present doesn't go anywhere. In the mean time I need to crack with some smaller (much smaller) post apocolyptic scatter terrain for the rest of the gaming table.

Cheers Jon


  1. Very nice!
    Love all the little details :)

  2. The details are simply stunning!

    The hockeystick, racket and BMX bike. Just to mention some of it that caught my eye, that is great for making it look more real.