Monday, 30 January 2012

Corporate incomes

Got a few more miniatures painted up. These guys are the start of my mercenary group Corporate Incomes. When the corporations of New Denver needs a job done that their, quite frankly poor quality, security services can't deal with they call in mercenaries and the best of the best are Corporate Incomes.

These guys are wearing their tactical wasteland camo. At the top we have Jenny Jones pistol fighter and martial arts expert renowned for her acrobatic fighting style. Next up Iroquois Lickskin hard bitten one eyed cynic. Last up Sergeant Henry 'Henno' Garvie tough NCO and all round hard bastard.

I want to add a couple more guys to this group including a sniper. I also want to paint the same figures up in a urban camo scheme at a latter date with different urban bases for operations inside New Denver.

Cheers Jon

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The wastelands are a dangerous place....

A few more painted miniatures.

At the top we have a Hasslefree youth painted up in a colour scheme demanded by my six year old daughter. A very small and delicate miniature that painted up quite nicely (better than my rubbish photos show). This figure is basically going to play the part of victim/objective/lunch in my games.

Next up some poor wastelander captured by the mutants and sacrificed to their weird religion. The model came from Magister Militum. An unusual subject but one that fits quite well in the post apocalypse I think.

Last but not least an old Ral Partha miniature from bits box. I think it's meant to be some sort of D&D slime or ooze. I painted green with a gloss varnish and then gave it a base to match my post apocalyptic water effect. I envision this miniature as some sort of one off post apocalyptic aberration of nature hiding in the slime rivers of the wastelands as an ambush predator.

Cheers Jon

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Say hello to the ladies....errrr

A few quick pictures of a couple more mutants for my my mutant family. Both of these are errr ....ladies. The top one is a typical mutant house wife carrying a typical mutant cooking utensil the big axe. As most mutant family recipes begin with

step 1. take a live captive and remove the head.

The axe is an invaluable item to mutant homemaker. The model is an old GW flagellant from my bits box who was missing his flail and head. the model got a new head and a load of green stuff work on a hood. A plastic axe head was added to replace the missing flail.

The bottom mutant is Rosie a mutant good time girl. By the standards of mutant town shes a bit of a looker. Don't know where the original figure is from but I removed her head and replaced it with a Mantic ghoul head then re-built the neck and hair with green stuff.

Cheers Jon

More mutants for the family

Work on mutant mountain has temporarily halted while I wait more building material. I've added a couple more shacks, but I'm almost out of balsa, card,plastic and I've gone through 8 tunes of super glue. I've ordered various scenery dressing from Ramshackle games, Fenris games and some barbed wire off a guy on ebay.

In the mean time I thought I'd splash some paint on a few of my mutants. The top three pictures are a guy I bought of ebay. He was described as a GW figure but what range he came from I have no idea. originally he had a very large over the top club which I didn't like so I replaced with a big knife from my bits box.

The remaining miniatures are all from the LAF last project post apocalyptic range

I love these guys really easy to paint up and suitably haggard looking. Though not mutated in any obvious way I think they fit well with my mutants ragged look.

Cheers Jon

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The hills have eyes... and a new speargun....9

A few pictures of the last couple of nights work. First off I have added a walk way to connect the house shacks to the rest of the settlement and incorporated a defensive wall (if you call timber off cuts,planks and corrugated tin a defense).

Second I've added another shack above the house shacks next to the waterfall pool. I decided this shack made quite a good defensive spot so instead of a tin roof I've given it a more substantial fighting platform roof (still removable to allow access to the shack).

I decided it would be cool to add a weapon system to the roof. I don't really see the mutants in my post apocalyptic setting having access to many firearms (not ones that work anyway) so thought a giant spring powered speargun might be just the thing. I good rummage in the bits box came up with a few bits that were thrown together and then stuck on the roof.

More shacks to build next I'm thinking 3-4 more then I can start thinking about detailing and painting.

Cheers Jon

Sunday, 22 January 2012

hills have eyes .........8

Just a few pictures of yesterdays work. I've added three house (??) shacks to one end of the mountain. As usual I've added a removable roof. I'm not quite finished as I need to add a walk way along the front to allow access to the rest of the settlement.