Thursday, 9 February 2012

The hills have eyes...... 12

Having got my package from Black Cat bases I set about creating my rubbish tip under the housing shacks. I wanted the area beneath the shacks to look like somewhere the mutants would dump their rubbish.

I started off by carving some irregular shapes from polystyrene packaging and then carved out holes to sit the larger pieces of rubbish, like the freezer and sofa, into. I textured the polystyrene with floor tile grout and sank cork boulders into it. When the grout had dried I painted up the pieces (easier than doing it when they're stuck to the board) and then glued then down to the terrain board.

While the glue was drying I started painting up lots of extras pieces of junk (look closely at the pictures see what you can find). Then I used more tile grout and cork boulders to blend my polystyrene humps into the board and then painted them up to match the rest of the hill. Then I glued all my extra junk in among the rocks and added bushes and grass tufts to finish off the whole effect.

To be honest my crappy photography skills don't really do this little area of mutie mountain justice. I'm really pleased how well it came out. My package from Ramshackle games turned up today so now I have a load more detail/junk to add still loads more to do before I'm finished.

Cheers Jon


  1. Beautiful job on this. Amazing level of detail that is extremely well executed.