Saturday, 11 February 2012

The hills have wind.....13

I decided that mutant town needed a power supply to run things like heaters and maybe a few lights (could be used for air purifiers too but it's probably a bit late for mutants to worry about such things).

Luckily I got my big box of random resin bits from Ramshackle games yesterday. Among the things I had ordered was a small resin bunker/building which I decided to use as a power station/generator. At first I thought about making it run on pig poo (like Mad Max 3) but in the end decided a wind generator might make sense in the mountains.

So up are above are a few pictures of the station I cobbled up out of junk and some ramshackle bits last night. It's been primed with Humbrol silver spray and just need painting now.

Cheers Jon


  1. That looks good. Very credible, too.

  2. Cracking. I've got a big order of mis-casts on the way for making scenery with. I got a note from the Royal Mail telling me to come collect a big brown box from the sorting office. I tell you, I practically skipped the whole way there and back. When I opened it up: bussiness card and menu holders.
    They'd even sent me the wrong bloody size.
    Gutted doesn't even begin to describe it. I'm often described as a very serious man. But I'm a big kid when it comes to gaming.

    1. Um, just to clarify.... the stuff I received was from Amazon. NOT from Ramshackle. Don't want folk getting the wrong idea. Ramshackle is a great company.