Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The hills have eyes ....4

More progress I had a go at making the mountain waterfall tonight using an Idea I picked up from a model railway website. Basically it involved using clear silicone sealant to make a water effect on a clear plastic backing sheet.

On the plus side I think it's come up quite well for a first try. On the down side it was really messy the £$"$%*^ sealant got every where and wasn't nearly as easy to work with as the model railway tutorial made out.

One other slightly problem was I couldn't connect the bottom of the waterfall to the bottom pond as I wouldn't then be able to to remove the top to allow access to the cave behind the waterfall. Which means there is a slight gap at the bottom and the waterfall doesn't look quite as good as it could have done.

Right next up more shacks to dot the mountain side.

Cheers Jon

1 comment:

  1. Very nice water effect.

    One way to hide the gap would be to use some teddy bear stuffing i.e. the white fluffy stuff that looks a bit like cotton wool but is synthetic.