Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The hills have eyes... and a new speargun....9

A few pictures of the last couple of nights work. First off I have added a walk way to connect the house shacks to the rest of the settlement and incorporated a defensive wall (if you call timber off cuts,planks and corrugated tin a defense).

Second I've added another shack above the house shacks next to the waterfall pool. I decided this shack made quite a good defensive spot so instead of a tin roof I've given it a more substantial fighting platform roof (still removable to allow access to the shack).

I decided it would be cool to add a weapon system to the roof. I don't really see the mutants in my post apocalyptic setting having access to many firearms (not ones that work anyway) so thought a giant spring powered speargun might be just the thing. I good rummage in the bits box came up with a few bits that were thrown together and then stuck on the roof.

More shacks to build next I'm thinking 3-4 more then I can start thinking about detailing and painting.

Cheers Jon

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