Saturday, 14 January 2012

Shipping container

Right I finished of another piece of wasteland debris last night in the form of this scratch built shipping container.

The body is made of a square tube that my daughter got some Christmas chocolates in. I mounted it of some thick card and then clad the tube in corrugated cardboard and thin card strips. The doors are made from the flaps of the box opening with some metal rod glued on. A couple of bits of junk were strewn around the entrance.

The base is covered in pva and sand and I tried to build it up the sides of the container to give the impression of sand/dust drifts. Slap of paint and I'm left with a nice place for wasteland adventurers to explore they might even find a hungry mutant hiding in there....

Cheers Jon


  1. what kinda chocolates this is the next project i am working on and that turned out better then i would have expected i really don't want to have to scratch build from pcard