Sunday, 8 January 2012

Mutant scum...

Well my first miniatures ,from my Christmas money spending spree, arrived. In this case Mongoose's Cursed Earth mutants and desperado's from their Judge Dread range (sadly though they were quick to deliver they forgot to send one of the miniatures ....sigh) link here

I rather like these guys mutated, but not in an over the top GW way, they really look like they're grubbing a living in some post apocalyptic hell hole.

A group shot of the first four of my mutant tribe.

The first guy is straight out of the bag. He is an ugly so in so, to sy the least, armed with a rather knackered looking shot gun.

This guy had a bit of conversion work. I removed his (frankly quite puny) knife and gun and gave him a large rusty blade and scrap metal shield, from my bits box, which goes nicely with his pots and pans improvised armour. I also added some scared/mutated skin on his face with green stuff.

This guy looked a bit to 'normal' so I added a sack cloth hood out of green stuff no doubt to hide some terrible mutated face....

This guy is truly mutated so he didn't need any extra work. I liked the fact he was wearing a suit
though I think I might have dirtied his clothes up a bit to much.

I still need to finish the bases with a little bit of setting dressing, to give them the post apocalyptic look, but I'm quite pleased with how these guys turned out. Some more Mutants arrived in the post yesterday so more pictures to follow after they've had a lick of paint.

Cheers Jon


  1. Nice.

    I'd leave the bases as they are...cursed earth radzone wasteland?


  2. Really nice work. Bases look fine to me. if it isn't broke...