Saturday, 21 January 2012

The hills have eyes....7

Managed to get some work in today. Firstly I built the prison were the mutants can keep captives/food which is much the same thing to mutant cannibals. I then attached it to the chop'ouse as it seems reasonable to keep the food close to the slaughter when a mutant asks if the butcher has got anything "good out back" the butcher can pop out back to see whats in the holding cell (maybe I'm giving this to much thought.....).

I've also added some grizzly detail to the chop'ouse it's not glue in place yet as I need to paint it up first.

Finally I've added a bridge spanning the two tall areas the bridge is removable to allow the tops of the mountains to still be removable to allow access to the caves. I think I've worked out I have room for another seven or so shacks one they're then I can start painting them up.

Cheers Jon

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