Thursday, 5 January 2012

So it begins....

Well I spent a pleasant couple of hours on the net last night spending my Christmas money. So I now have an assortment of miniatures that will hopefully be dropping onto my door mat over the next week or so.

After ooohhing and ahhhing over the lots of nice miniatures on the net suitable for the end of the world I decided to start off with a little tribe of wasteland mutants mostly because I love mutants (I blame it on playing to much 1st edition 40K as a kid). I've tried keep away from the over the top tentacles and three heads GW style and gone more for the deformed, hunch back with bad skin look. As well as the mutants I've picked up a trio of suitable post apoc heroes to battle the mutant scum.

In the mean time desperate to get stuck into my new project I've started on some scenery pieces. Pictures to follow in the next couple of days hopefully.

Thanks to all those who have decided to follow this blog already, despite there being nothing to look at yet, hopefully you won't be to disappointed.

Cheers Jon

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