Sunday, 29 January 2012

The wastelands are a dangerous place....

A few more painted miniatures.

At the top we have a Hasslefree youth painted up in a colour scheme demanded by my six year old daughter. A very small and delicate miniature that painted up quite nicely (better than my rubbish photos show). This figure is basically going to play the part of victim/objective/lunch in my games.

Next up some poor wastelander captured by the mutants and sacrificed to their weird religion. The model came from Magister Militum. An unusual subject but one that fits quite well in the post apocalypse I think.

Last but not least an old Ral Partha miniature from bits box. I think it's meant to be some sort of D&D slime or ooze. I painted green with a gloss varnish and then gave it a base to match my post apocalyptic water effect. I envision this miniature as some sort of one off post apocalyptic aberration of nature hiding in the slime rivers of the wastelands as an ambush predator.

Cheers Jon

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