Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The hills have eyes ....3

More progress on mutant mountain. The main bulk of the mountain has been painted using cheap test pots from Wickes and cheap artists acrylic paint from the Works. The model was painted all over with burnt umber and then when dry dry brushed in a colour called toffee and then dry brushed again in a cream yellow called sand. the two caves were painted black inside and will get some dry brushing when dry. The two pools where painted with GW Dark Angels green/Goblin green getting lighter towards the edges of the pools.

Lots more to do yet in the way of detailing. As you can see I've started to add shelters, defences and a bridge made of post apocalyptic junk lots more of this to do to give it a sort of shanty town in the mountains look. I also want to build a waterfall, I've checked out some model railway stuff on the net for some ideas on that one.

Cheers Jon


  1. Seriously, you've done this much on it already? I'm jealous of your crazy productivity!

  2. ermmm yeah I'm in the zone at the moment. Also my better half wasn't feeling very well last night and went to bed really early so I end up putting in a lot of hours last night.