Saturday, 28 January 2012

Say hello to the ladies....errrr

A few quick pictures of a couple more mutants for my my mutant family. Both of these are errr ....ladies. The top one is a typical mutant house wife carrying a typical mutant cooking utensil the big axe. As most mutant family recipes begin with

step 1. take a live captive and remove the head.

The axe is an invaluable item to mutant homemaker. The model is an old GW flagellant from my bits box who was missing his flail and head. the model got a new head and a load of green stuff work on a hood. A plastic axe head was added to replace the missing flail.

The bottom mutant is Rosie a mutant good time girl. By the standards of mutant town shes a bit of a looker. Don't know where the original figure is from but I removed her head and replaced it with a Mantic ghoul head then re-built the neck and hair with green stuff.

Cheers Jon


  1. Nice work Jon. If you're looking for a more female muties, Ramshachle Games have a nice selection including this lady here:

    Plus the free promotional captive figure, Trixie:

    Plus lot's more mutants and wastelanders besides.

  2. funnily enough Lead legion I ordered some Ramshackle mutants just yesterday... great minds think a like :)