Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Poundland Raid

I had to go to the bank tonight after work and thought I'd pop into the Poundland across the road to see if there was anything useful and came out with a bag of cheap vehicles for the post apocalypse.

Scale wise I have no idea what there are but they fit into my, admittedly rather hazy, looks about right to me scale. I'm notoriously unfussy about scale if looks right in my minds eye it will work for me (despite their best efforts the scale fanatics on TMP have failed to correct this trait). So below are some pictures of my haul with a sample 28mm miniature for comparison.

First up three cars (all the same but different colours). Made of plastic and a bit flimsy I'm planning to turn them into wrecks so their build quality isn't really an issue.

Next up some sort of police 4x4 and is a proper diecast that has pull back and go ability and doors that open. I was going to wreck it but I think I might make this one into a working vehicle maybe some sort of post apoc technical.

A police hummer this one maybe slightly under scale it looks a little small to me though I did find a picture of a police hummer online with a policeman stood next to it and his head is in line with the roof so maybe its the base that makes it look small. Not sure weather to wreck this one or keep it as a runner but they did have plenty (including army and fire versions) so I could do one of each.

I bought two of these sets mostly because I figured I could use the plastic petrol pumps to make a petrol/gas station forecourt the street lights and barriers are OK as street dressing to. As for the big bulldozer thing it is made of plastic and not that well made. I think I will wreck one and make the other into a post apoc killdozer when I get the time.

Quite pleased with that little haul for the princely sum of £5.00. The rest of my miniatures arrived today as well so now it's down to lots of painting and terrain making to get enough together for some sort of game going.

Cheers Jon


  1. Very nice finds. I especially like the Police 4x4. I just picked up a few vehicles myself today. Hope to post about them tomorrow. Great minds think alike. :)

  2. Yup very nice. I've been raiding my old toy box at the parents house myself. I;ve got some nice goodies Ill probably post in a week or two when they've been painted.

    Pound land is a gold mine.