Saturday, 28 January 2012

More mutants for the family

Work on mutant mountain has temporarily halted while I wait more building material. I've added a couple more shacks, but I'm almost out of balsa, card,plastic and I've gone through 8 tunes of super glue. I've ordered various scenery dressing from Ramshackle games, Fenris games and some barbed wire off a guy on ebay.

In the mean time I thought I'd splash some paint on a few of my mutants. The top three pictures are a guy I bought of ebay. He was described as a GW figure but what range he came from I have no idea. originally he had a very large over the top club which I didn't like so I replaced with a big knife from my bits box.

The remaining miniatures are all from the LAF last project post apocalyptic range

I love these guys really easy to paint up and suitably haggard looking. Though not mutated in any obvious way I think they fit well with my mutants ragged look.

Cheers Jon

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  1. Lovely (if that's the word) miniatures then Jon. Great Job. They look fantastic.